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18:55, January 23, 2020Guitarpsichord.jpg (file)38 KBVvAnarchangelvV 
17:10, January 21, 2020K.C. & The Sunshine Band - I'm Your Boogie Man -TopPop-.png (file)190 KBVvAnarchangelvV 
03:53, January 18, 2020Wikikuva.jpg (file)190 KBVvAnarchangelvV (CC by 3.0 Wikipedia:User:Skoivuma)
00:14, January 18, 2020Kneeling chair.jpg (file)99 KBVvAnarchangelvV (photograph of my own kneeling chair. These chairs were the first piece of furniture designed to use with computers, and were called computer chairs. They were suposed to help you avoid the back problems associated with sitting i...)
05:27, January 17, 2020Bonnie MacLean Fillmore Yard Doors.jpg (file)31 KBVvAnarchangelvV 
05:01, January 17, 2020Bonnie MacLean Fillmore Paul BBB.jpg (file)77 KBVvAnarchangelvV 
04:58, January 17, 2020Bonnie MacLean Fillmore Quicksilver.jpg (file)85 KBVvAnarchangelvV 
04:57, January 17, 2020Bonnie MacLean Fillmore Eric Burdon.jpg (file)575 KBVvAnarchangelvV 
04:49, January 17, 2020Bonnie MacLean Fillmore Sam & Dave.jpg (file)88 KBVvAnarchangelvV (Category: Pacific Northwest Indian art)
18:51, January 16, 2020Lumumba Brussels.jpg (file)2.07 MBVvAnarchangelvV (Lumumba, center, pictured in Brussels at the Round Table Conference of 1960 with other members of the MNC-L delegation)
06:05, January 16, 2020PaisleyParkRare Cover.jpg (file)102 KBVvAnarchangelvV (Other lettering colors released were all white, or the same lime sherbet only with orange sherbet, or lime with brick. If that is 60s, is one of my least favorite 60s things that still counts as inherently good. I am totally OK with other limes and ora...)
01:45, January 16, 2020Thetwilightzone-logo.png (file)37 KBVvAnarchangelvV (Calling bullshit on Wikipedia's assertion that this is Public Domain as merely "geometric shapes or text". This is a logo, dumbass, and about as far from being simple text as text logos get. Nonetheless, fair use.)
00:06, January 16, 2020Louis Gallait - Power of Music - Walters 37134.jpg (file)259 KBVvAnarchangelvV (== {{int:filedesc}} == {{Walters Art Museum artwork |artist = {{Creator:Louis Gallait}} |title = ''Power of Music'' |description = {{en|A letter written by the artist to William Walters dated July 20, 1860 illuminates the subj...)
01:27, January 15, 2020M A S H TV title screen.jpg (file)56 KBVvAnarchangelvV 
21:40, January 14, 2020Jane Goodall Hug.jpg (file)488 KBVvAnarchangelvV 
14:58, January 14, 2020Sexuality single.jpg (file)39 KBVvAnarchangelvV 
04:06, January 11, 2020Jacques cousteau dive.jpg (file)64 KBVvAnarchangelvV 
04:01, January 11, 2020The Undersea World of Jacques Costeau1.jpg (file)222 KBVvAnarchangelvV 
02:56, January 11, 2020Dalit History Month Profile.jpg (file)102 KBVvAnarchangelvV (the official logo of the Dalit History Month collective.}} |date=2014-04-01 |source={{own}} |author=Bilqischondol cc by 4.0)
19:09, January 9, 2020Fantasia Chernabog2.jpg (file)49 KBVvAnarchangelvV (Concept Art by Kay Nielsen for the Demon Chernabog in Walt Disney's 'Fantasia'
19:07, January 9, 2020Fantasia Chernabog1.jpg (file)167 KBVvAnarchangelvV (Concept Art by Kay Nielsen for the Demon Chernabog in Walt Disney's 'Fantasia'
18:53, January 9, 2020Fantasia psych.jpg (file)182 KBVvAnarchangelvV 
22:12, January 8, 2020OpenTerrarium.jpg (file)1.09 MBVvAnarchangelvV (An open terrarium with succulents and cactus |Source = Wikipedia:Flickr: [ Terrarium] |Date = 2013-09-26 17:50:29 |Author = Sonny Abesamis |Permission = U...)
05:30, January 6, 2020Oakland Art Murmur Warehouse 416 2012-06.jpg (file)3.6 MBVvAnarchangelvV ({{Information |Description = Street scene at en:Art Murmur. |Source = Flickr: [ Oakland Art Murmur] |Date = 2012-06-01 20:24:08 |Author = [ sfbaywa...)
21:11, January 4, 2020Beatles 1960s.jpg (file)82 KBVvAnarchangelvV 
21:05, January 4, 2020Led Zeppelin Robert Plant.jpg (file)313 KBVvAnarchangelvV 
20:53, January 4, 20202001 trip.jpg (file)48 KBVvAnarchangelvV 
20:25, January 4, 20202001 Gallery.jpg (file)75 KBVvAnarchangelvV 
16:49, January 3, 2020Dalit Women's Swabimaan Self-Respect Yatra In Kurukshetra.jpg (file)679 KBVvAnarchangelvV ( The Dalit Women's Self Respect Yatra begins in Kurukshetra at the statue of Dr. Ambedkar Date 27 February 2014 Source Own work Author Thenmozhi Soundararajan Cc by 4.0)
05:10, January 2, 2020Prince 19.jpg (file)104 KBVvAnarchangelvV (Prince, born in 1958, 19 in 1977)
22:51, December 31, 2019Jimi Hendrix Carnaby Street 1967.jpg (file)47 KBVvAnarchangelvV (Jimi Hendrix on Carnaby Street in London. 1967)
06:28, December 30, 2019-Sec of Def Jim Mattis King Salman Al-Saud, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 19th April 2017.jpg (file)2.51 MBVvAnarchangelvV (Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis meets with Saudi Arabia’s King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, April 19, 2017. (DOD photo by U.S. Air Force Tech. Sgt. Brigitte N. Brantley))
05:23, December 30, 2019Saudi Arabia President Trump at the G20.jpg (file)1.74 MBVvAnarchangelvV (President Donald J. Trump welcomes the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman to a working breakfast Saturday, June 29, 2019, at the Imperial Hotel Osaka in Osaka, Japan. (Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour) Date 28 June ...)
05:16, December 30, 2019U.S.Defense Secretary Ash Carter places his hand over his heart as the national anthem plays during an honor cordon to welcome Saudi Defense Minister Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud to the Pentagon, May 13, 2015 150513-D-NI589-527c.jpg (file)3.56 MBVvAnarchangelvV 
01:07, December 28, 2019DoggartNikeobserveschimp.jpg (file)113 KBVvAnarchangelvV 
01:06, December 28, 2019Arthroleptis nikeae.jpg (file)315 KBVvAnarchangelvV 
23:21, December 27, 2019OfficialposterTrueBromance.jpg (file)75 KBVvAnarchangelvV (cc by 3.0)
23:05, December 27, 2019Doggartdirector.jpg (file)2.13 MBVvAnarchangelvV 
22:52, December 27, 2019American Faust- From Condi to Neo-Condi.jpg (file)160 KBVvAnarchangelvV (Small image, just sufficient to convey information about the subject of the article)
21:53, December 27, 2019CourtingCondi-Poster.jpg (file)24 KBVvAnarchangelvV (The Official poster for the feature film Courting Condi Source Original digital artwork created for the poster. Article Courting Condi Portion used Low resolution? yes Purpose of use To illustrate the film Courting Condi )
06:31, December 26, 2019Cre8iveSkill.jpg (file)22 KBOn Demand Digitization 
06:29, December 26, 2019Christmas creative1.jpg (file)2.91 MBOn Demand Digitization 
06:17, December 26, 2019Home-Digitize-Embroidery-1024x704.jpg (file)154 KBOn Demand Digitization 
06:13, December 26, 2019Insagram Home Digitize Embroidery1.jpg (file)943 KBOn Demand Digitization 
07:10, December 23, 2019Frank Zappa and parents.jpg (file)78 KBVvAnarchangelvV (Paisley couch)
23:26, December 20, 2019Images.jpeg (file)6 KBVvAnarchangelvV 
01:34, December 20, 2019D-Hoops 2014 156.JPG (file)672 KBLbstorey 
01:31, December 20, 2019D-Hoops 2014 318.JPG (file)600 KBLbstorey 
01:29, December 20, 2019BBCourt1.jpg (file)309 KBLbstorey 
00:59, December 19, 2019Rickie Lee Jones on Legacy Stage.jpg (file)40 KBVvAnarchangelvV (Rickie Lee Jones performing on the Legacy Stage on June 15, 2007. This photo is licensed under a Creative Commons [ Attribution 2.0 Generic]. Attribution must be made to the creator of this photo [ht...)

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